Kathy Tipton

Founder and Curriculum Specialist

Welcome to SpiralEd Solutions. Our commitment is to provide teachers with quality, spiraled materials to develop classrooms where success is possible for all students. SpiralEd Solutions is a Texas based education company formed and operated by current Texas educators. We believe in the products we offer and know it’s important to stay in touch with what is happening in Texas classrooms today. STAAR and TEA Accountability play such a huge role in the perception of local school districts and we believe our products provide a cost effective solution to make a positive impact on your district’s STAAR performance and accountability rating!

To help you fully understand our motivation and our products, let me introduce myself. Foremost, I am a teacher. Over the past 36 years I have taught students from first grade through college, primarily math and science. Although I always taught bell to bell and expected success from all students, my results seemed to fall short of my expectations for some students.

While working on my National Board Certification, I began to see patterns of meaningful repetition that led to student success. Later, I read Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and was fascinated by his Rule of 10,000, in which he asserts that it takes 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to master a skill (and I have my math students 50 minutes a day.) I attended a workshop that introduced me to Marzano’s Six Step Process for Teaching Academic Vocabulary. I learned why my killer plan for 20 new vocabulary words a week was a big fail. From those eye-opening experiences, I regrouped, adapted, and revised my approach. I began a process of intentionally spiraling instruction to revisit and practice earlier concepts on a regular, planned basis. I developed academic vocabulary to be introduced in smaller increments, and I held students accountable for previous terms. I created formative assessments to get students engaged and moving. The biggest change was developing a classroom attitude and understanding that we are not learning a skill or concept until the test, but for life.  I saw increased success. My only frustration was the lack of quality materials, so I wrote much of my own. Other teachers borrowed them, and eventually encouraged me to publish. SpiralEd Solutions is the result of that journey.

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